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Testimonials          Picture above unhappy former lord Mayor of Brisbane after failing his test aired on national radio

Client Testmonial Cheating Spouse

If your thinking about getting 1 done DO IT by Bill B

7 months ago my wife of 12 years was accused of cheating with my brother - by my other brother - after a lot of arguing i was left without an answer and decided to give her benefit of the doubt - " not my wife she wouldn't do that"

i just couldnt get that slight doubt out of my head though and was consantly having visual thoughts of them together - i knew i had to find out the truth -

i found this message board 2 weeks ago and after hooking up with Paul Woolley - aka lielabs i told my wife she had to take test. she was upset at 1st but was then very positive about it.

her positive attitute made me positive of a good result. but for me it wasnt to be - she failed completly and admitted to lielabs my bro and her had sex.

now i know though. Lie labs was very professional and i recomend him to anybody in australia - thank you paul.

why did she go knowing she would be found out ?

she wanted to tell me - but was to scared to - she knew this way she would have to - she did breifly deny it calling the machine stupid - but after i told her i knew she said it was true to paul she caved in

after 1 week of dramas and being seperated and me going through all of the emotions i have been able to find enough love for her in my heart to forgive her. my 5 kids also was a consideration.

she finally feels free that i know and it is a big weight off her shoulders - she wanted to tell me.......but just couldnt. she wouldnt tell me everything at first but finally after 7 months of not knowing - i finally beleive i now know the whole truth.

anyway if u are thingking about getting one done - do it. BUT make sure u r ready to hear things u dont want to hear and as lielabs and me spoke about - even when they r caught - they may still deny, so u need to decide i will belive the machine no matter what before u go there.

Professional  Testimonial

Hi Paul,

Hey I just wanted to say thank you for your well thought out contributions to the Polygraph Bulletin Board……..

Anyway, again I appreciate your posts and I wanted

to ask you if you would like to consider being

a moderator in the forums.  All that means is that

you will get an email when someone posts a new

topic and you can reply to that if you like. There's

no formal obligation, but I like what you say and

would feel good about you representing the polygraph


Let me know.


Ralph Hilliard

The Polygraph Place


 Client Testimonial Child Sexual Abuse

Dear Mr Paul Woolley, 

I am writing to inform you that Mr John Auld testified in the court of law on Tuesday 23rd October 2007 of being guilty for charges in which you helped bring out. I wanted to thank you and let you know that it was with your help that the truth came out.

Now I only can hope that he will get the help he needs, and my sister the victim can now move on with her life knowing that he has finally taken responsibility for what he has done.

Again I cannot thank you enough, but wanted to inform you of a "happy outcome".

Kind Regards

Katrina Auld

Testing Staff Business Testimonial

I used a polygraph service (Paul Woolley) to investigate a $2000 theft for which a number of staff were suspected ,it worked in weeding out the guilty party , I would do it again. Tests should be a condition of employment. The shortfalls have stopped.

Paul Manning

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