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In a 1998 U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Cordoba case where polygraph testing was an issue, the U.S. District Court declared that polygraph had been extensively tested and had been the subject of extensive peer review and publication.

They agreed that it was even probably accepted in the scientific community as a useful diagnostic or investigative technique. However it also found that in their opinion, polygraph did not have general acceptance for courtroom evidence because it had no controlling standards to ensure proper protocol. It noted that there were associations that had “association standards”  but added that these only applied to its own members and do not meet the definition of a uniform standard.

To meet this challenge, a Committee was formed within the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the largest Standards Development group in the world. 

The committee, designated as Committee E-52 Forensic Psychophysiology, worked diligently over the years to develop consensus standard for the polygraph profession. This committee has successfully developed “National”, and now, “International Standards,” and the work will continue.

These standards are recognized throughout the world by the scientific and judicial communities. They include standards for Research,Instrumentation, Quality Control, Education and Training, Polygraph Testing itself, and Ethics.

These published standards apply to law enforcement, federal government and private examiners. They apply to schools and polygraph instrumentation manufacturers as well. These standards are equally important to those who use our services, such as courts,attorneys, private companies, corporations and the general public.

Judges and attorneys recognize ASTM Standards because they frequently deal with them in civil cases. The standards apply to every examiner regardless of membership in any polygraph association.

These standards have become “The Standards of our Profession” as opposed to merely an “Association Standard.”   

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