Australian Lie Detection Polygraph Labs

Australian Lie Detection Labs .  We conduct testing anywhere in Australia. 

We can even come to your home if that is your preference. 98% Accuracy. 

No obligation free consultation with our Forensic Examiner Paul Woolley.

Polygraph Lie Detector Testing 

Free Consultation with our Polygraph Expert call 0403396316 no obligation just information.

The only polygraph examiner in Australia to be court qualified as an expert and have results used as evidence. Consulted by the Federal Police, Current Affairs programmes , Legal Aid and Private Companies and clients. 

We specialise in relationship issues such as Infidelity in marriage and Child sex/abuse cases. We have over 15 years experience dealing with these concerns and are very effective at identifying problem areas and people with these issues. Also those falsely accused can clear their name by passing a polygraph test and erasing unnecessary worry and stress that these types of allegations bring to a relationship if they have not occurred.

Have you been falsely accused? Call now to be tested by Australias only court qualified polygraph examiner and PROVE YOUR INNOCENT this sometimes is the only way you can. 

Of course everyone who takes a test claims they are truthful and or innocent, but the reality is, this is not always the case. We are only interested in the facts and make sure that is what you get on your results.

We do travel anywhere in Australia and Internationally as Polygraph Instruments are portable and computerised we can come to you.   

Scientific Truth Verification Services. 

Phone: 0403396316 and ask for Paul.


Lie Detector/Polygraph Testing and Counselling

Is your Husband/Wife/Partner having an Affair ?

Was your Child Molested ?

Is your teenager using or selling drugs ?

Are your staff stealing ?

While the depictions of Polygraph in the media and movies are usually a comical one, the reality is Polygraph testing is used to resolve very serious and life changing issues.

Sexual Allegations such as Child Abuse , Rape, Infidelity and cheating are common requests for our business to resolve, we are sensitive to your needs and confidentiality is assured.  Our examiner is sought after in these fields for the Courts, Police and Private Clients alike.

If you would like to make a booking click on the BOOKINGS link above.

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