Australian Lie Detection Labs

Recently in the District Court case file NO: 07/31/0205 at Newcastle in a Sexual Assault of a minor case on the 22nd of October 2007 on behalf of the DPP (File No) 2618779 a polygraph test Paul Woolley conducted was the catalyst to which the accused testified in court to all charges (The Queen vs Auld).

 On Wednesday, the 7th of July 2004 the Family Court of Australia accepted as evidence a Polygraph test Paul Woolley conducted for a family contact matter and used the result to determine the case outcome. 

(Ronson vs Weichmann BRF1895/03).  A law resource page on polygraph legal admission for evidence (US Law).

Below is a PDF file containing the conclusions of Phd researchers and scientists for the admission of polygraph results to be used as evidence.  

amicus brief.pdf amicus brief.pdf
Size : 1030.001 Kb
Type : pdf

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