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Polygraph Lie Detector Testing
The only polygraph examiner to be court qualified as an expert and have results used as evidence. Consulted by Police, Current Affairs programmes , Legal Aid, Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Private Investigators, Child Protection Agents, and Private clients.

 Examiner Qualifications 

Professional Training.

I am an internationally accredited and certified Forensic Polygraph Examiner having graduated from an approved course of study in polygraph techniques under Dr. Louis Rovner Phd., Forensic Psychologist, Ken Whaley President of the National Polygraph Association and Joseph Paolella US Secret Service Agent (retired), at the Los Angeles Institute of Polygraph Wiltshire Blvd, California USA and the American Academy of Police Sciences. The school was founded by Dr Chris Gugas Phd one of the leading experts in the world on polygraph techniques.

My certification as a Forensic Polygraph Examiner satisfies the standards stipulated for education and training of individuals involved in the science of Forensic Psychophysiology established by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). 

ASTM is the American Society for Testing and Materials: Standard Guide for Minimum Basic Education and Training of Individuals Involved in Psycho physiological Detection of Deception developed by the ASTM Committee E-52.04 on Forensic Psychophysiology Designation E 2000-98. Mr. Woolley meets the required standard. These are the accepted International Standards.

As part of the certification process I trained with the Scientific Investigation Division Polygraph Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department via permission from Chief Parkes. This also included techniques employed by the US Secret Service under Joesph Paolella, Department of Justice and the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute.

I have also completed undergraduate studies in Psychology with particular interest in Cognitive, Biological and Forensic Psychology as part of a B.A. Psychology degree at Griffith University.

To keep up with the latest research in the area of psycho physiological detection of deception I study the peer reviewed journals such as Polygraph the quarterly publication produced by the American Polygraph Association. I also study the scientific journal articles such as the journal Psychophysiology and the Journal of Applied Psychology and the Journal of General Psychology.

I have conducted numerous presentations on the subject of polygraph and its applications to Legal Aid solicitors, The Qld Department of Family services various private colleges and Universities.

I have supplied evidence in court in the Magistrates court , Family court, Supreme Court, Industrial court and pre- trial hearings . My test results have been used as evidence in Qld workers compensation tribunals, Qld racing tribunals, Insurance Company claims, Domestic violence, pedophile and rape cases in pre-trial hearings and the Family Court of Australia.

On Wednesday, the 7th of July 2004 the Family Court of Australia accepted as evidence a Polygraph test I conducted for a family contact matter and used the result to determine the case outcome. (BRF1895/03). Recently in the District Court case file NO: 07/31/0205 at Newcastle in a Sexual Assault of a minor case on the 22nd of October 2007 on behalf of the DPP (File No) 2618779 a polygraph test I conducted was the catalyst to which the accused testified in court to all charges (The Queen vs Auld).

I have also conducted tests for nearly every news and current Affairs program in Australia. I have had my results televised 15 times for different cases over the past 4 years. I was the catalyst with Today Tonight that pressured the ASIC to close down the National Investment Institute

Mr. Henry Kaye after he failed a polygraph test on National TV in 2003 that I conducted. I was also involved with the Corby case on channel sevens Today Tonight.  

My training as a Forensic Polygraph Examiner was under the direction of some of the most well respected examiners in the world.

Dr Louis Rovner Phd was my instructor in Psychology and Physiology as it relates to Polygraph testing and examinee preparation.

Mr Joseph Paoella US secret service agent (retired) 

Mr Ken Whaley President of the National Polygraph Association at the time.

Dr Chris Cugas Phd founder of the Polygraph School I received my training.

Below is one of Dr Cugas famous cases:

Dr Cugas was asked as a polygraphist working with the Oregon State Police USA investigating a theft, a polygraph CQT test was used.  It was learned that the suspect’s wife had mysteriously disappeared but he claimed that she had returned to her family in Mexico. When a control question technique showed him to be responding deceptively in this matter, a Peak of Tension Test was administered to determine if the location of the body could be discovered. The first searching peak asked the following questions:

  1. Is your wife’s body in the river?
  2. Is your wife’s body by the railroad tracks?
  3. Is your wife’s body in the potato field?
  4. Is your wife’s body by the farm buildings?
  5. Is your wife’s body by the house?

When strong autonomic reactions occurred in response to question 4, the man was presented with another series of questions worked in a similar manner but relating to the specific farm buildings. Large responses were found to questions associated with the shed. While spectators waited in suspense, a bulldozer cleared the area around the building where his wife’s body eventually was found. 

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